Security Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment is the cornerstone of a good security program and can be the most important business enabler. We leave no stone unturned. First we determine your vertical and relevant law and regulations that are important for your business. Then we review your Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines. (The roadmap and rules you are playing by).

We work with your teams to understand your people, processes, and technologies. In depth review of architecture, networks, equipment, machines using a combination of NIST, and COBIT frameworks to help identify key security controls and any potential areas for improvement. Once complete, our final report on Security Risk Assessment will give you the roadmap for security and continuous process improvement making it easier to have the business discussions with your leadership, stakeholders and boards.

Vulnerability Management

An effective vulnerability management program is one of the foundational pieces of any Information Security program. Without an effective vulnerability management program in place, your organization will face an ever-increasing uphill battle. Inventorying, triaging, and prioritizing vulnerabilities across an entire enterprise will ream immense rewards when it comes to the overall security posture and maturity of your security program.

Mark V Security will help you setup your vulnerability management program from the ground up or help you tune an already exiting program to get the most out of it.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing helps you identify the weak points of your infrastructure and verifying the risk by practically demonstrating how an attacker would exploit these weaknesses and what can be acomplished by doing so. Penetration tests can range in scope from an "anything goes" blackbox test to a whitebox test of a specific service or application in your enviroment.

Mark V Security specializes in external network, internal network, web application, and mobile Penetrations Tests and can work within whatever scope is needed by your organization.