Incident Response

Have you had a breach or suspect a breach? Some would argue your first call should be to an attorney and that is not a bad move but either your first or second call should be to us. We work with attorney's very closely to manage the incident. Using our advanced techniques we will get to the bottom of the breach, find out how long perpetrators have been living in your environment, profile them, and then eradicate them.

Along the way we will help with your PR management and coach your executives for public comment. After the clean up we will help you strengthen and fortify your environment so that you can sleep at night. It's a rough world out there in breach land. You need a trusted advisor who can help support and defend. Your business is under attack, we can help.


Do you wonder what happened? Using our sophisticated techniques and following the rules for evidence and chain of custody we will examine your equipment, capture several images, preserve and maintain evidence suitable for court and to stand up to trial. We have the expertise needed to acquire your data and tell you what has happened. Saving you potentially huge law suits and giving you the inside edge for negotiating when it comes to making settlements or driving through court and winning.